What are Bandwidth and Energy

Bandwidth:Regular transactions consume only bandwidth (mostly functions such as send, harvest, freeze, and unfreeze).

Bandwidth consumed by one transaction=Transaction bytes * bandwidth rate (current bandwidth rate=1). Everyday, each account receives a 5000 complimentary bandwidth.

Energy:Energy is a type of server resource consumed when running smart contracts. Like bandwidth, it can be acquired by freezing TRX, but the accounts would not receive daily complimentary Energy.

The creation and operation of smart contracts consume CPU. A smart contract takes time to run on a virtual machine, and the time consumed is calculated by microseconds. CPU resource will be consumed in the form of Energy, meaning 1 Energy = 1 microsecond. If a contract needs 100 microseconds to execute on a virtual machine, it will burn 100 Energy. The total CPU resource volume provided by the TRON network within 24 hours is 50,000,000,000 Energy.

When a TRON developer deploys DApp contracts, he/she can set the payer of the Energy consumed by DApps to developers or users.If the DApp consumes the user's Energy while the user has zero, then smart contracts will automatically deduct a corresponding amount of TRX from the user's account as a handling

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