Old LP-Pools

Harvest and unstake old LP-Pools.

You can Harvest and unstake the old LP-Pools also when the are not more available in the website. Your LP-Token and your rewards are stored secure in the smart contract. In the google docs spreadsheet you will find a list of all old LP.

2. Copy the adress from the spreadsheet and go to https://tronscan.io/

3. Past the adresse in the search bar and select the contract

4. After you have select to contract go to Contract and select Write Contract

5. If you press 3.exit you will unstake your LP-Pool. If you press 5.getReward you will claim your rewards

6. If it work you will see

root:"No value return"

7. If you have already claimed your LP-Pool you will see

root:"REVERT opcode executed. Message: Cannot withdraw 0"

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