ArbiDex Multicasher

ArbiDex Multicasher is a decentralized Arbitrage Trading Bot. You can Join ArbiDEX by minting or buy a NFT.

How does it work?

On the Minting page you can select the NFT in which Token you want to get your monthly revenues. You can mint as much NFT you want. The only limit is that each collection have 10,000 NFTs.

What happens with the funds?

  1. 5% are staked for Bandwith

  2. 93 % are staked for Energy

  3. 2.0% Development commission.

What are the Wallets?

  1. ArbiDex Contract Main > TCdHNSJMtakbv8VmDwSjd4P2HvcWREGYoi

When i will get my revenues

Every 28. of each month we make a snapshot of the holders. Profits will be paid out between 1-5 of the in the following month to all NFT holders. You will receive the trading profits and the staking profits from the Bandwidth and Energy staking.

Half-yearly we remove the fees of the LP-Pools and will distribute this profits also to the holder.

Is there a commision on the Profit

  • < 5.0% monthly - 0.1% Fee

  • 5.0-7.0% monthly - 0.5% Fee

  • 7.0 - 9.0% monthly - 1.0% Fee

  • > 9.0% monthly - 1.5% Fee

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